Adam Maskill is proud to share his experience and passion for tennis with students of all ages and skill levels. On the site of the Charlotte Swim and Racquet Club (CSRC), Adam and his fellow instructors provide a safe and engaging environment to learn and enjoy the game of tennis. Whether there is rain or shine, our students can learn tennis basics, fundamentals, techniques, and more. When our students are not on the court, you can find them diving in the pool or hanging with their friends at the snack shack.

About Tennis Camp

Amazing Location!

Adam Maskill Tennis Camp, located on the site of the beautiful Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club, proudly provides exceptional tennis instruction.

Small Class Sizes!

Focusing on the basic and foundational principles of tennis, Adam and his fellow instructors share their experience and passion for tennis through short sessions in small class sizes to optimize the learning environment.

Full or Half Day!

Children from ages 5-15 can come and gain tennis instruction from our group of experienced and passionate instructors. Adam offers half-day and full-day instruction to meet the needs of every family.

About Adam


An experienced professional certified by the U.S. Professional Tennis Association, Adam Maskill is passionate about everything that involves tennis. Helping others reach their potential on the court is one of his favorite things about coaching. Teaching and coaching in a variety of tennis and racquet clubs over the years led him to start the Adam Maskill Tennis Camp at Charlotte Swim and Racquet Club. In addition to leading camps and tennis clinics, he offers private tennis lessons for adults and children.

Join Adam Maskill Tennis Camp

Our summer tennis camps are the highlight of the year at Adam Maskill Tennis Camp. If you’re interested in learning more about our tennis camps, we invite you to contact us for more information. 

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